Transmission Service in Greenville SC

Transmission Service in Greenville SC – For over 50 years AAMCO is the expert in transmission repair with the best nationwide warranty.

Transmission Service in Greenville SC

Transmission Service in Greenville

Whether your are driving a 4X4, or a sporty car with a manual transmission, or have a an automatic transmission or a CVT, we know them all. 

Transmission is the system of gears in your car that transmits power from the engine to your wheels. This is the system that allows your car to move. There are two types of transmission systems in cars, automatic transmissions, and manual transmissions.

An automatic transmission is a transmission that shifts by itself – the driver does not have to perform an action to shift the gears of the car as they do on a manual transmission vehicle. Automatic transmissions are more popular today as they tend to be easier to learn how to drive, and have less wear and tear than their manual counterparts.

There are two types of automatic transmissions, the traditional automatic transmission (ATs), and the continuously variable transmission (CVT).

An automatic transmission automatically changes between these gears as the driver presses the gas pedal and the car moves – freeing the driving from having to shift through different gears.

Automatic gearboxes use gears to match engine speed to road speed as best as possible. There is a combination of different gear ratios, usually a total of six to nine gears, that are chosen so that the engine can remain in a range to produce the best amount of torque.

You operate a CVT car the same way you would a normal automatic transmission, although the actual inner workings are much different. CVT relies on a belt and pulley system. Instead of having gears, there are two pulleys connected by a belt. The engine turns one pulley and the other pulley is connected to the rest of the transmission and powers the wheels of the car.

The one thing all three have in common is sometimes they need repair. 

Transmission Service in Greenville at AAMCO Total Car Care

Transmission Service in Greenville

Bring your vehicle to the upstate’s most trusted transmission specialists and have us take a look at it if you feel your transmission slipping, overheating, or shifting strangely. We’ll be able to diagnose the real problem with your vehicle and get it up and running again in no time. It may not even be your transmission since many external factors will also cause these types of problems.
There are a number of things that can cause a slipping transmission. In some cases, you can stop the slipping by making a minor repair. In others, it’ll take more time and money to fix the problem. Either way, you should stop transmission slipping ASAP.

And, for the manual transmission lovers in upstate SC, AAMCO provides clutch kits, installation and repairs for cars, SUV’s and medium duty trucks. If you’re clutch is giving you trouble, don’t wait until the last minute. Call us now to see how we can help your car, truck or SUV!

Transmission Service in Upstate SC – For over half a century, there is one name synonymous with expert transmission repair nationwide – AAMCO – with the best nationwide warranty. 

Would you like to have your transmission inspected by someone who knows what they’re doing? Call us today!

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