Car Brake Service in Greenville SC

Car Brake Service in Greenville SC – Brakes are an important safety feature in your vehicle – Keep them is perfect working order for less at AAMCO Total Car Care

Car Brake Service in Greenville SC

Stop confidently and smoothly for less with AAMCO Total Car Care Brake Service.

Brakes squealing or grinding or pulling? Stop in at AAMCO of the Upstate and have our experts check them for you.

Your braking system is a critical safety feature in your car, truck or SUV. Annual brake checks and proper maintenance are important in order to ensure your safety and to avoid costly failures to the brake system. It starts with a check at the Greenville AAMCO center, where an expert technician will examine the entire braking system pads/shoes, hydraulic fluids, rotor/drum wear, calipers and wheel cylinders, brake hardware, hoses and lines, master cylinder, and the anti-lock system for vehicles so equipped.

Anti-Lock Brake System
Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) ensure that the wheels don’t stop rotating during braking, preventing the car from skidding and offering greater control. If your ABS light comes on, visit AAMCO Total Car Car in Greenville where we will be happy to diagnose and fix the problem.

Auto Brake Service in Greenville – AAMCO of the Upstate

Car Brake Service in Greenville SC

Stop in at AAMCO Total Car Care of the Upstate to check your brakes right away if you observe any of the following:

  • A high-pitched squeak when you push the brakes
  • Scraping or grinding sound when not braking, this also can be a sign of a bearing problem and must be checked immediately
  • Shaking or vibration during braking
  • Using more pressure than normal when trying to stop

For many owners, maintaining the vehicle’s brakes is something that is overlooked until problems occur and then it’s often too late to avoid costly replacement of rotors and other wear sensitive parts. Keeping your yearly check and your brake system in good working order those can prevent costly repairs, save you money, and keep you and your passengers safe. Should our expert technicians find any wear, damage or problems through our FREE check, AAMCO has 3 brake service options to best suit your vehicle’s needs.

We are upstate’s most trusted local automotive center, offering high quality service for all vehicles.

Quality Auto Repair Isn’t Expensive – It’s Priceless.

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